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Custom Product Display & Presentation Catalogues


Foldercorp produce and design high quality product catalogues for a range of industries. Whether you are looking for B2B or B2C product catalogues, we can help you create, and design catalogues the will allow your Products to stand out and sell. Product catalogues will not only improve your product presentation but will give you a competitive edge and enhance your brand image and exposure.

Foldercorp are manufacturers and leaders in high quality product display presentation catalogue solutions. Tailored to your specifications, we produce custom hard cover catalogues which are ideal for showcasing high end, luxury, or premium products to standard and everyday products. Our manufacturing standards and superior design capabilities delivers custom solutions that promote and enhance your product presentation and brand objectives.


  1. Communicates Valuable Product Information – you can highlight information that will enhance the products values, such as biodegradable – ecofriendly and effectively position your unique selling propositions, etc.
  2. Reduce Business Selling Time – A well-constructed catalogue will complement the selling process. When outlining all the features and benefits and by delivering all the most important and relevant buying information on one easy to read catalogue, the selling time is improved.
  3. Works as Sales Collateral – Quality sales collateral will give your product a competitive edge. Works as a tool to support and help sales reps present and sell more effectively.
  4. Improves Conversion Rate – By giving a prospect all the most relevant information in a well presented and designed catalogue this will improve your conversion rate.
  5. Promotes Brand Exposure -Launch new products & reposition existing products. When handing out product catalogues you are leaving your product and brand in the hands of a prospect which over time will improve your brands exposure & product awareness and conversions.
  6. Provides Smooth Flow of Information – With well thought out content strategy will allow for a smooth flow of product information.
  7. Generate Sales Offline – Catalogues are a great way to generate and support sales offline.
  8. Support Online Marketing – product catalogue can enhance online marketing and support promotions, events, and other online marketing initiatives.
  9. Enhances User Experience – with more detailed information the user experience is improved.
  10. Reduces Staff Training Effort – Catalogue are a great way to reduce your staff training efforts.

Product Display Presentation Catalogues
– Showcasing High End, Luxury and premium Products to everyday products:

  • Premium Wines & Spirits
  • Bespoke Box Product Catalogues
  • Confectionery & Chocolates Box Catalogues
  • Product Tools Display Catalogues
  • Hardware Product Display Catalogues
  • Product Presentation Box Catalogues.
  • Fine Jewellery, watches, key rings
  • Luxury Pens Presentation Box Catalogues

View our Product Catalogue Gallery for more ideas.

Product Sample Display Catalogues
– For commercial product display applications & solutions:

  • Colour Swatch Presentation Catalogues 
  • Materials Swatch Presentation Catalogues
  • Fabric & Soft Furnishing Sample Catalogues
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Colour & Product Sample Catalogues
  • Building Materials Sample Catalogue
  • Interior Design – Fabrics & Soft Furnishing Catalogue

View our Product Catalogue Gallery for more ideas. 

Visit our FC Portfolios website, this site allows you to custom design and buy online and is perfect for small orders.
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